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Washingtons First Elevated Park To Become Iconic Monument

17 October 2014
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The OMA and OLIN has been declared as the winner of the seven months long nationwide competition for the design of the Washington D.C.'s first elevated park. This park will traverse the Anacostia river converting the bridge into a park with play areas, kayak/canoe launches, education centers, outdoor amphitheater and urban agriculture.

washington DC first elevated park

The bridge measures as three American Football fields placed end-to-end, the 11th Street Bridge Park project will be built upon the foundations of a former freeway bridge that spans the Anacostia River and serve the communities which lie either side. It features two sloped pedestrian ramps which leads to the view of the nearby local landmarks.

bridge traverses the city’s anacostia river

recreation project

park's waterfall

café area

sheltered areas of recreation

external amphitheater

site plan

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