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Worlds Oldest And Highest 250 Ton Crane Luxury Hotel Featured

20 January 2015
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Amsterdam has acquired a new spectacular metropolis landmark named "The hotel Faralda" in Amsterdam, Holland. World's oldest and tallest mechanical CRANE is transformed into luxury hotel with rotating suites that offers panoramic views. The construction took 3 years to be completed and the crane transformed into ‘Hotel Faralda’.

The hotel Faralda

Architects from a number of Dutch companies came up with the decision of getting together and doing something about the structure that weighs 250 tons and 50 meters in height which was labeled as ‘technically impossible’ for further use. The crane is now reviving as a stupendous 5-star hotel, featuring three exclusive suites of contemporary design, signature beds and outdoor jacuzzi on the top level. The high-end suites are each decorated by a top team of interior designers. The hotel is enjoyed by elite guests from all over the world and allows the guests to get a panoramic view of Amsterdam and the river. It also offers deluxe dining and a private business club for corporate events. It is also the most talked wedding location in the Netherlands. The crane even has a TV studio that is employed for music promotions and high-profile television.

The suites are the most expensive in the Netherlands after developers splurged £660,000 building each room. One night’s stay will cost you $500 and Customers will have to pay around £340 each to afford luxuries such as outdoor hot tub and TV broadcasting studio.

tallest mechanical CRANE

5-star hotel

exclusive suites

signature beds

outdoor jacuzzi

most talked wedding location

TV studio


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