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Antro Solo - Tribrid Car

23 August 2013
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The Hungarian company Antro, is working on a prototype for a modular car that is capable of splitting into two separate vehicles. With solar panels on the roof, the three passenger Antro Solo can run up to 20 km per day on solar energy alone. It uses a combination of solar and gas-electric power. During good weather, the solar panels on the roof are sufficient to power the car on brief 15-25 kilometer trips. When the skies are overcast, the Astro Solo defaults to a small electric engine. Antro Solo uses lightweight composite materials, slick aerodynamics and a rooftop solar panel, but the designers also give foot pedals to all three passengers. The pedals provide the opportunity to recharge batteries like a flashlight. So far 1.5 million euros have been invested into the research, development and prototype.

Antro Solo - Tribrid Car

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