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Australia Unveils HSV With 250 Miles Per Hour Featured

15 December 2014
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With the route between Melbourne and Sydney one of the vital air visitors corridor on the planet, an opportunity exists for an alternative form of transport - one where the passengers can say goodbye to endless queues and delayed flights.


Approximately eight million persons journey between Melbourne and Sydney each year, and that quantity is set to double within the subsequent 25 years. There is doubt that the country’s present infrastructure can meet this demand, so global design corporation Hassell Studios set about to show there was a greater solution than 16-lane highways and unending visitors. The firm recently unveiled the Australian High speed vehicle (A-HSV), a double-Decker train concept that could revolutionize the way in which Aussies travel. Hassell's design, created by a Melbourne team of six over six months, was partly inspired by the iconic Australian 1960s Holden Monaro muscle car, which was well-known for its speed. The organization claims that if applied, the A-HSV offers an alternative low-carbon, trustworthy mode of transport for future journey between Australian capital and regional cities.

For many, trains are less fascinating than planes or individual cars due to the fact the trip is mostly slow and uncomfortable. Such would no longer be the case with the A-HSV, which would travel round 250 miles per hour and would present the choice of modern, spacious, open plan commuter seating or exclusive berths for business meetings or luxury travelers. A dining/lounge bar and comfort store would also be built-in into the train allowing commuters to dine or do their everyday shopping before arriving at their destination. A-HSV can be able to make the commute from Melbourne to Sydney in beneath three hours.

luxury travel

open plan commuter seating

Australian High speed vehicle

exclusive berths for business meetings

dining/lounge bar

double-decker train concept

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