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Be.e - Bio Electric Scooter

19 July 2013
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The Be.e Electric Scooter is a Lightweight Bike made from Compressed Plants and bio-composites. It is the most sustainable scooter in the world. The natural fiber-reinforced composites (NFCs) replace traditional plastics.

Be.e - Bio Electric Scooter

The monocoque body is made from flax and bio-resin, and its unique eggshell shape and frameless construction reduces the total amount of parts drastically without sacrificing structural integrity. It is fully electric so charging is easy and also you can hear even a pin drop sound. Designer: Waarmakers.

It operates on a 48V 40AH battery with the option of a second battery that is able to be installed and juiced by a 600W charger. The Be.e has a range of about 60km and can reach speeds of up to 55km/hr and can climb hills with a 15% grade. The windshield is nanocoated to repel water and dirt, and LED lights, indicators, and USB chargers for devices in the dashboard. Conceived and manufactured in the Netherlands, the light little vehicle is suited for wet weather. Van.eko also offers a 5 year warranty on all parts, a tire spray to help prevent flats. Currently intended for the streets of Europe, the Be.e will help replace gas-powered commuters with more sustainable, next generation alternatives.

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