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Ferrari V4 Motorcycle

25 July 2009
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This Ferrari V4 superbike by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik is just too beautiful to pass up.

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle

Packed with a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo, hand controls from a F-16 fighter jet and buttons from a Formula 1 race car.This concept combines the traditional elements of a Ferrari 4 wheeler with the aerodynamic design of a future bike to unleash a scorching hot beast on two wheels. The bike has a flowing aerodynamic design and has the best available technology on the inside to give you that perfect Ferrari ride.The Ferrari Motorcycle will feature a Ferrari V4 Integrated Drive Unit, 1953 handlebars and rear suspensions, brakes with dual sculpted calipers, and a F16-inspired throttle quadrant. The motorcycle will be managed via a full-touchscreen and “the heart of the controlling system is based on a Ferrari engine management computer” which means that it should be powerful and safe in the same time.

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