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Futuristic Vehicle For All Diverse Landscape Concept

19 November 2014
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The Volkswagan Aqua Hovercraft concept is a futuristic hovercraft powered by hydrogen and propelled by impellers. It was designed by Yuhan Zhang from China. It was presented CDN Awards and conceived as an off road vehicle targeted for Chinese customers.

VW Aqua Hovercraft

The Vehicle has the ability to travel over land, water and Ice. It features a power-train with several engines located under the chassis responsible for lifting the vehicle by forcing high pressure air under the craft. Additional engines provide thrust to propel the craft. The doors are located at the rear. The two additional rear propellers give a visual impression of conventional wheels. Featuring an engine powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and rear fans that control the thrust, imagines a steering system running on individual electric motors. This concept was designed to cover diverse landscapes from roads and rivers to snow and sand.

VW Aqua Hovercraft

VW Aqua Hovercraft

Aqua Hovercraft

futuristic hovercraft

Hydrogen Propelled Vehicle

Off Road Vehicle

Vehicle For All Diverse Landscape

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