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Nano Launch Date Revealed

03 March 2009
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tata nano white car

We've confirmed news regarding the launch date of Tata Motors' eagerly awaited people's car, the Nano. Continue reading to learn when!

They said it could not be manufactured, they said they weren't sure if it will be a motor vehicle, but Tata Motors is going to be silencing all critics with the unveiling from the Nano. The red-letter day in Indian automotive history has been set as March 23, 2009.

Bookings to the Nano are scheduled to start from your second week of April, 2009. Tata Motors is promising a widespread network to compliment the prime demand being anticipated for your car. Booking details will probably be revealed about the launch date.

With the many pros and cons inside the already eventful time of the automobile, they have seen skepticism followed by worldwide mania if the car was revealed on the 2008 Auto Expo in January last year. The Singur controversy followed, together it not been for your fiasco it's likely that Nanos would have been plying on our streets today.

Earlier times is behind us now, rather than just the country though the world may have its eyes peeled in the launch from the much-touted 1-lakh rupee car. We've spotted the auto near Pune during its real-world test runs, of course, if the test mules are anything to put into practice, the automobile will certainly be no slouch either.

tata nano yellow car

green tata nano wallpaper

red tata nano wallpaper

tata nano factory

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