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Power Packed Formula 1 Car That Runs At 200 Mph Without Fuel

18 April 2016
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Olcay Tuncay, has designed a new power packed performance formula 1 car that can run at the speed of 200 mph without fuel. This concept Alfa Romeo AW30 racecar might be the first racecar that uses wind as its power source. The original red car that ruled the roads before Ferrari makes a comeback to Formula 1 in this concept.

The body kit comes with unique shapes and elegant structures. The chassis also came with extraordinary design that makes this racecar looks even more unique. This car use solar powered battery as its main power source. when the car is driven and moves, it will use wind as its alternative power source. When you drive this racecar faster, the wind that is collected by this car will increase which will increase the power source that is provided by this racecar.

The motor will have a power output of 212 kilowatts, 284 horsepower, 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and a top speed over 250 mph. Currently this concept doesnt have the release date and the price tag.

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