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R1 Tram - New Russian Public Transportation Featured

29 July 2014
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The country is to reveal its new tram RUSSIA ONE. Tram looks extremely cool. The engineers guarantee that the changes will be insignificant, close to 10%. Tram turned delightful, flawlessly smooth body, composite boards made from glass. Joints very nearly undetectable and the crevices between the glass boards stuck dark sealant. Tram will be available in several versions. Shuttle sort [two heads] and routine multisection "worm" with a shower. The amount of "heads" of the auto influences the sum and number of seats and standing room. In the second design limit, it is clear there will be more and will give space to baggage, prams and bikes on the back stage. An alternate different point of interest of the new auto is the way that he had been taught to pass a little range bends (16 meters).

R1 Tram First Preview

R1 On the Go

Designer Alexei Maslov has done the tram simply superbly. Quality fitting boards, creases of point of interest, has two segments of 28 seats, LED interior lighting, depending upon the time of day may change the state of mind in the cabin including the lighting and music. The floor's rooms are tough tile. Wooden parts are made of light plywood and secured with alter safe cover. Handrails are made of lightweight aluminum with an antibacterial copper covering. The roof gaps for aeration and cooling systems and speakers. Everything is carried out on an individual venture.

The new tram is awesome complete fabric cabin. Architects guaranteed that even in the least expensive choice will be no tram startling splendid prints on the fabric. The floor's rooms are tough tile. Architects figured out how to lessen the bring down the "dead zone" of something like 10-15%. This tram will be more secure as a feature of passerby knock when they sidestep the tram before and not seen. You can charge your iphone, Emergency stop button is also specifically designed for this car. Rather mirrors tram camera that will display images on monitors on the windshield. The coolest thing is that the new tram can go up to 50 miles on batteries. This implies that it could be utilized as a passenger train.

Perfectly Finished Tram

Mirror like Exteriors

First domestic tram

Tram on Board

Unique Tram Design

Tram For review

Designer Alexei Maslov(right) and designer

R1 lights

Designer Lights for Doors

Doors With Quality Finish

Quality fitting panels

Beautifully turned Tram

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