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Breathe Healthy With Osgene

09 December 2014
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It’s known that the air we breathe indoors is missing in quality and contains less oxygen. The modern developmental solution for this issue is Osgène designed by Mridula Dasari. It takes inspiration from well identified form of oxygen generators: plant life! The aerobic appliance not only mimics a plant pre-bloom but the process as well. Using carbon-dioxide scrubbers and artificial photosynthesis, it inhales CO2 in the air we breathe and returns purified oxygen to create a extra balanced, healthy air environment.


Osgene conducts photosynthesis by making use of silicon cell with catalysts, which is immersed in the water container and splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is released outside and uses the hydrogen as fuel to light the led lights. LED light is used to do photosynthesis. As a plant it additionally absorbs CO2 and retailers it in the scrubbers.

osgene components

Different usage modes

carbon di oxide usage

product scenarios

Plant like behaviour

Breathe healthy

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