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Portable Futuristic Personal Computer Concept
Advancement in technology creates new sleek, modern, impressive designs and portable computers. These futuristic computers are mind-blowing and it will be so wonderful if they are available in the market soon.
8-inch Tablet with Windows 8.1
Lenovo launching the 8 inch light weight tablet with Windows 8.1. OS. The device comes with an optional stylus and detachable cover costing an extra $20. The cost of the tablet itself will be $299…
Google announces Latest Glass Project
Google explained its new secret innovation known as Project Glass. Project Glass is company’s first venture into wearable computing.
Roll Me
Roll Me is Compact cylinder - based computer technology, for e-newspaper. The cylinder roll is fixed statically, so that you get a full screen. It looks like a newspaper. This concept has to go through…
Feno Laptop
Feno Concept is designed by Niels van Hoof and it is about the size of Sony Vaio P. The amazing part of the laptop is that the monitor display can be folded at your convenience.…
AirMouse - Designed To Wear Like Gloves
It is studied and researched that excessive usage of computer mouse leads to stress injuries. In order to find a solution to such problems, many versions of new mouse concepts were designed.
search engine generates
What would you rather give up? Boiling a kettle for your tea or using Google search? You might want to give up both, as boiling a kettle and doing two Google searches will actually produce…
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