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Chrome extension made me love the internet once more

29 April 2015
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The internet hasn't been the good place for me these days. Early 3years or so I have seen I've watched pals, teammates and dear ones who struggled trolls. I keep dealing with tremendously horrible people on day to day life. I possibly spend more time speaking about and sharing stuffs that usually make me angry instead of being happy. But it can't be like this forever right? What if you could find something that makes you very happy.

Smile Suggest, a Chrome extension that helps you find things on internet which makes you smile. Let me guess, if anything could make me fall again in love with the internet.

'Smile Suggest' effort of Martin McAllister, created it in his free time at his advertising job. This add-on uses your PC camera to calculate your happiness. With the help of JavaScript facial tracker it gives an amazing output.

Smile Suggest extension screenshot

Once you install the extension, it asks you to set the level of happiness. For the level came to 6 and I set it to 4. You will not get a notification if you receive 10/10. Within 30 minutes the add-on showed me the first notification which was from: my mail box. I guess that was the one which made me very happy. After one full day of working following was the happiness output:

Smile Suggest extension screenshot

Watch the 'Smile Suggest' video


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