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DuckDuckGo - Popularity Gaining Search Engine That Doesnt Track You

21 December 2015
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New search engine DuckDuckGo is rapidly gaining popularity among users. DuckDuckGo was founded by Gabriel Weinberg, provides a new user privacy search engine. The company is based in 20 Paoli Pike, Paoli, Pennsylvania, United States, in Greater Philadelphia, and has 21 employees. The company name originates from the children's game duck, duck, goose. On 18 September 2014, Apple included DuckDuckGo in its Safari browser as an optional search engine. On 10 November 2014, Mozilla added DuckDuckGo as a search option to Firefox 33.1.

Search engines have evolved to make it easier to find the information you need without having to go through different websites. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that shows the same results for a search term to all its users. This is unlike other search engines, which filters search results based on the sites you have been visiting. Here are 12 amazing things DuckDuckGo can do that other search engines fail such as Social media bio, App store search (alternatives to apps), Shorten and expand links, Generate passwords, Quick stopwatch, Change case and check number of characters, Checks whether websites are down, Does mime rhyme with time, Calendar, Loan calculator, Cool features for developers, Add instant answers to other search engines.

According to the statistics of traffic at 15 December was 3.25 billion DuckDuckGo searches this year. This is 74 percent more compared to the same period last year. Monday, December 14 was the day when the number of direct requests has exceeded 12 million. Another important fact is that in October DuckDuckGo attracted 3 million unique visitors in the face of desktop users, according to ComScore. This represents a 100 percent increase compared to last year, although it should be noted that track users rapidly gaining popularity search engine, to take measures to protect confidential information, to ComScore much more difficult.

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