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Floating Monaco Yacht Designed For Business Class

12 February 2011
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These days we’ve seen designers creating super-yacht that has their own garage to park their own super car, so that you can drive to anywhere whenever you arrived at anywhere. But that’s just that. What we’re looking at today is something more than just a super-yacht, the floating Monaco island.

Floating Monaco Yacht Designed For Business Class

Usually when you say a super-yacht with bizarre designs, you think of one that has a helipad, swimming pools, garage, and probably a tennis court. But you still sleep in the ship. This time, you’re sleeping ON the ship. Instead of decks, it has buildings. Instead of a swim platform, a freaking beach. It’s also got submarines, helicopters, indoor waterfalls, Movie Theater, spa, and more. There’s also sleeping accommodations for 16 guests and the 70 crew it would require to keep this metal island going.

The super-yacht is called The Streets of Monaco, this design is modeled after a section of Monte Carlo – in more ways than one. The headline feature is an on-board karting track modeled after the famous grand prix circuit. The 500ft-long boat – expected to cost up to £700million – also boasts miniatures of the famed Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse, the Loews Hotel as well as swimming pools and tennis courts.

It even has a platform that holds smaller yachts in case prospective owners need something a little nippier to get around in. The most mind-bending feature is the Monaco Grand Prix-inspired go-kart track complete with tunnel complex which runs around the deck. The ship is the brainchild of fledgling Derbyshire-based Yacht Island Design. But for the designers the centrepiece of the incredible ship is The Atrium, which links the upper and lower living areas. It has seven guest suites, which all include their own reception room, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and balcony.

In total, Streets of Monaco’ would be capable of housing 16 guests and 70 crew and would cost the owner tens of millions to run each year. And the billionaire owner would get the benefit of the main apartment that is spread over three floors, sprawling an amazing 4,800sq ft – the size of a luxury penthouse. The four-deck yacht will also have BBQ facilities dotted around the deck as well as a mini waterfall and cafe bar with underwater views.

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