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5 Awesome Uses for Your New iPad Mini 3 Featured

23 September 2015
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You lusted over it, you longed for it, but now that you finally have the iPad of your dreams you’re not exactly sure how to make the most of it. The first steps in learning how to make the most of your new gadget is to learn about the basic functions and features, including how to make the best use of your iPad Mini 3's Retina display and sweet FaceTime HD camera.

 New iPad Mini 3

Once you’ve conquered the basics though, you'll find yourself looking for even more ways to make the best of your powerful tablet. When you find yourself longing for more creative ways to put your iPad to use, this fun list of five awesome (and sometimes ridiculous) ways to use your iPad will definitely come in handy.

Awesome Use 1: As a Blood Pressure Tester

That is not a misprint. There are actually devices, such as the iHealth BP3 and Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, that can turn your iPad into a blood pressure tester. These products even come complete with corresponding apps to track, record and analyze your daily blood pressure readings.

Awesome Use 2: As a Way to Access your Home Computer

One of the perks of the iPad is its lightweight and slim design that makes it easy to take just about anywhere. For those times times when you are traveling and find that you need files from your home computer, apps like iNet WOL and iTeleport can wake up your computer remotely and send a signal through your router to help you gain access to any computer. With these two apps you can even do things like start downloads or email files to yourself.

Awesome Use 3: As a Way to Stream Your Favorite Shows on Larger Screens

The screens on the iPad are pretty amazing, but some things are meant to be watched on the larger screens. There are a variety of devices that you can plug into your TV that will let you stream any media from your iPad. Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire all cost under $100.

Awesome Use 4: As Fluffy's New Favorite Toy

For those hardcore cat lovers out there, there are many apps available to entrance your favorite feline friend. Apps such as Friskies JitterBug and Games for Cats will have your cat tracking critters across the screen making the iPad the new laser beam.

Awesome Use 5: As a Way to Rekindle the (Digital) Fire

As tempting as it may be to spend all your extra time with your new iPad, it's important to set time aside for your hunny. Use the Fireplace app to cozy up with that someone special even in the middle of summer by simulating a crackling fire. Just don’t promise roasted marshmallows.


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