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Enjoy A Healthy Snack With Your Imaginations Taste Featured

05 December 2014
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Set to mimic, designed by Sorina Răsteanu is a group of wise kitchenware that recreates tastes and smells of your meals to your imagination. This concept has been awarded the prestigious red dot award. By means of pasting a noninvasive apparent gel patch with a microchip on your head, the plate and glass communicates wirelessly together with your brain, to make you experience favor or taste from your-ever-delicious food items by tapping into your reminiscence. For instance, even if you devour a carrot nevertheless you will have the effect that you're consuming an ice-cream or chocolate. Useful for these with diabetes, food allergy symptoms, those keeping an eating regimen or fussy kids. No limit for your creativeness's style of eating, SET to imitate makes every veggie taster and fun. Set the glass/ plate to imitate your favorite food for you.

Set to mimic

”SET to mimic”, together with a plate, glass and the microchip head patch, is designed to recreate at sensory level with familiar tastes and smells, as a result making healthful eating and consuming extra fulfilling. Both plate and glass have subject detector bands, with the patch on the head, you can select from a record of favorite recipe the one to mimic, and start eating/drinking placed on the plate/or in the glass. The microchip receives wireless knowledge from the plate/glass and have interaction with brain cells to make the mind take into account tastes and smells. Also, the microchips built-in in the head patches can aid you get the information about a flavor you like into the plate or glass. The first time you consume or drink anything you enjoy, the head patch retains this knowledge and shops it as a new taste that can be mimicked later.

Unfortunately most effective 20% of children devour veggies every day. Children have an aversion to consuming veggies. Due to the fact children most often have more sensitive taste buds than adults, they aren't very keen on the vegetables. The usage of SET to mimic will help youngsters associate greens with a style they love, and so teach them veggies and fruits are good for them. Pair of head patches are noninvasive and will not be a hazard to our life.

plate, glass and the microchip head patch

Eating delicious food

With Teammates

Children eating style

Sensors to brain

Eating healthy

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