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Lazy Glasses - Special Mirrored Lenses

23 August 2013
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The LazyGlasses, available from ThinkGeek for just £10, are made with a set of internal mirrors which act like small periscopes. By placing them on your head, you can watch a TV while lying at 90 degrees. It is the dream of lying flat on your back, watching TV at your feet. The mirrored glasses are said to be made with a "soft material" for "extra comfort".

As we all know, it’s incredibly difficult to sit up in bed while reading. With these magic prism glasses, you can enjoy 50 Shades of Gray while focusing on more important things. You can read a book without eye fatigue or physical strain or watch TV in horizontal comfort. It is ideal for traveling or patients in bed.

Lazy Glasses - Special Mirrored Lenses

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