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Lernstift - Smart Pen to Improve Handwriting Featured

18 February 2013
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Lernstift presents smart pen that vibrates when you make mistake. While writing if there is any spelling mistake the smart pen starts vibrating. Falk Wolsky has created this new Smart pen and was inspired by Mandy his wife. Mandy Wolsky has been working as child care worker since 1998. She closely watched the kids handwriting skill. Smart pen is aimed for school kids which will help them to improve their handwriting.

At present the smart pen has only two modes:

1) calligraphy

2) spelling.

1) First mode detects errors while writing (their shape). 2) Second mode checks for grammar and spelling mistakes.

This smart pen also has a sensor of pressure that will notify kids how much to squeeze the pen handle. Wolski Falk and his wife Mandy are sourcing fund. You can Pre-order the smart pen at Lernstift website


Smart Pen to Improve Handwriting

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