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Make Your Skin The New Smartphone With Cicret Bracelet

11 December 2014
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With wearables gaining importance in this modern world, a new innovative encrypted technology called the Cicret Bracelet works as an extension of your smartphone, that you could make your skin the brand new touchscreen.

Cicret Bracelet

When wearing the Cicret Bracelet you could reply your calls, read your mails, check the weather and more. Your account is continually available on your smartphone, your tablet computer, your computer or Mac, by way of WiFi, or even Bluetooth.

The Bracelet contains a pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point in the direction of the consumer's forearm. It operates as a standalone gadget and, when activated with a twist of the wrist, initiatives an Android interface onto the users arm. The proximity sensors detects the place the user's finger or fingers are and allow them to engage with the interface as they would do in other Android device. The Cicret Bracelet will be available on 10 specific colors. Elsewhere, the Cicret Bracelet features an accelerometer and a vibration module, together with an LED for notifications. Connectivity is furnished through WiFi, Bluetooth and a Micro USB port. It's anticipated to be made on hand in 16 GB and 32 GB units.

The gadget will allow users to send and obtain emails, browse the net and play video games. It is going to also be feasible for users to pair it with an existing smartphone, answer incoming telephone calls and spark off the speakerphone functionality on the their smartphone. Cicret is in the process of raising funds for the additional development and creation of the Bracelet, but expects the device to reach the mass market within a year and a half.

reply your calls

Skin The New Smartphone

cicret specification

read your mails

check the weather

Cicret Bracelet brown color

WiFi connection

proximity sensors

tablet on your skin

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