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Take Selfie On The Move With Nixie Wearable Drone Featured

03 October 2014
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Nixie makes you to take selfie on the go. Nixie wearable drone films each move and fly's back to sit on your wrist. This is the first wearable camera on the wrist. It was created by Christoph Kohstall and a team of designers and researchers at stanford university. Nixie is the finalist in Intel's "Make It Wearable" Competition.

Expanded Drone

Nixie can expand at the touch of the button. It has a small, rotating body in the middle which captures pictures from different angles and positions. When expanded, the strap unlatches, separates into four propellers like quad-copter with the rotating camera. When the wearer wants to start filming, the drone unfolds and flies overhead, tracking the movements using motion sensors and then returns to the wearers wrist using timer or gestures.

As a finalist, the team has been awarded $50,000 (£30,700) and also given mentor-ship and technical support from the Santa Clara-based tech giant. The winner of Intel’s competition will be announced on 3 November. The price of the Nixie and also its release is currently unknown.

Nixie Drone

Wearable Nixie

Unlatched Nixie

Nixie in action

Nixie like watch

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