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World's First UltraHD 70-Inch 3D Samsung TV

19 February 2011
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Samsung has reports about the world's largest 3D-TV with support for ultra high-definition television (3840h2160) with a diagonal of 70 inches. At a novelty 8,000,000 pixels, and it was represented at the exhibition FPD International 2010. TV supports refresh rate of 240 Hz, and the next generation promises to double it and bring up to 480 Hz. Unfortunately the model is not standard and is done only for show.


* 70 inches diagonally

* Uses oxide semiconductor technology

* Resolution(freq.) of 240Hz (which is actually needed for 3D capability)

* Resolution of 3840×2160 pixels ( 8 megapixel )

World's First UltraHD 70-Inch 3D Samsung TV

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