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Natural Refrigerator To Keep Your Food Fresh Without Electricity Featured

12 May 2015
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Take the advantage of earth’s natural underground insulation to stay your produce fresh with "The Groundfridge".


The Groundfridge is a prefab storage root cellar space styleed by Floris Schoonderbeek for Dutch design company Weltevree. Groundfridge appearance is well-built and comparatively simple to place in. Weighing in at 300 kg (661 lb), and measuring 2.28 m (7.48 ft) in diameter is made of "hand-laminated polyester," non-electrical food storage pod designed to be put in within the ground.

The Groundfridge uses the insulating result of soil and the cooling result of groundwater. The temperature within the pod remains stable year-round between 10 and 12° C (50 to 54° F), that is the ideal temperature for storing fruits, vegetables, wine and cheese. The Groundfridge is placed within the ground and coated with the excavated earth. This layer of soil, 1 meter thick, works as insulation that the temperature within the pod hardly varies.

Shelving lines the spherical interior, providing an outsized space to place foodstuffs cool in. Lighting is additionally provided. The storage pod is accessible via the inbuilt stairs that go down into the bottom.

This concept is supposed to encourage the fashionable house owner to grow and store their own manufacture for a contemporary self-sustaining existence. There's no licence needed to position the Groundfridge, and therefore the displaced soil doesn’t got to be removed, that makes it associate appealing addition t

Natural Refrigerator

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