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New Twist For Your Workstation With The Revolutionary Coolbox

11 December 2015
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The Coolbox features all of the classic storage and compartments you would want but with a modern twist to keep Your workstation, available anywhere. Equipped with pass-through power and a 5000 mAh internal battery, Coolbox is designed to power bluetooth speakers, a clock, LED floodlights, wheels, bottle opener and can quickly charge your devices.

There's a whiteboard under the lid where you can jot down notes or plan your next project. With Coolbox, you can store your tools just like any other toolbox. Fit every tool inside with the 1797 cubic inch capacity and even a special compartment for your smartphone. Its wheels are ideal for roll-around ability, with the option to carry with convenient dual handles.

In addition to those fun elements, the Coolbox also has a magnetic lid, which really is a cool innovation that helps you keep track of loose screws, bolts and the other magnetic bits you encounter while doing a project. Plus, on the left side of the box,there are three additional grounded outlets that operate when you have the Coolbox plugged via its retractable cord so that the whole thing functions like a giant extension cord.

The Bluetooth Speakers are accessible via Bluetooth, or via the auxiliary jack for any devices that do not have Bluetooth built in. They are extremely high quality with volume capacity designed to cut through the noise of a busy job site. Two USB ports are built into the front panel where you can charge your phone, mp3 player or any other device that is running low on power. The 270 degree LED floodlights are designed to help you find the right tool within the Coolbox. The whiteboard is also removable so you can leave your Coolbox behind but take your notes with you. LCD clock makes it easy to keep track of time. The screen also displays the battery level so you can know when its time to plug the Coolbox in to top up the battery. Conveniently located next to it is the bottle opener.

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