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Now You Can Charge Your Smartphone With Candle And Water Featured

27 July 2015
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Candle Charger by Stower is the first indoor generator designed to charge smartphones. Instant, reliable, indoor USB power using just a candle and water - stay charged and connected.

A special Stower candle sits under a small bath of water and the difference in temperature generates the electricity (though the device can also be used to sterilize water). The Candle Charger uses the heat energy from candles to generate electricity. One candle canister is reported good for six hours of USB charging at a steady 2.5 W (500 mA at 5V), which is the equivalent output of most laptop USB ports, and is roughly enough power to charge two iPhones from one candle. Cameras, torches and other small devices can be recharged through the Candle Charger, too.

The Candle Charger is currently on Kickstarter, with a single device currently listed at a pledge level of US$65. If all goes to plan, shipping is scheduled for December. The final retail price is expected to be $99.


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