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Retro Phone Handset

23 May 2009
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This is the coolest accessory option that you have ever seen for a modern cell phone. It is the latest development in cell phone technology and it's a big hunk of beautiful plastic.


Something with heft and that good-old-American solid construction feel - like a 1972 Cadillac. The Retro Phone Handset is a new production replica of the Western Electric 500-series model, which was the classic phone handset for several decades. It's been slightly modified to work with the jack of most cell phones (or via a "hands free" adapter kit, sold elsewhere).They have great quality, great clarity, and good weight. Attaching one to a cell phone is such a great idea. Now you can finally slam down the handset again, instead of trying to do one of those hard closes on your flip phone. You just need to remember to hit the "end call" button afterwards.

Also has these great features.

* 2.5mm jack will work with most phones (Motorola, LG, Samsung)

* Small button built-in to handset for answer/end

* Connection can also be made using a "hands free" adapter kit (not included)

* No batteries required

* Includes: handset and classic curly phone cord with connector

* Adapters now available for: Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens (more details) - $4.99 each

* Works with Blackberry (except Curve and some newer models with 3.5mm connectors)

* Does not work with RAZR or Nokia phones

* Works with iPhone (using Apple iPhone TTY Adapter, available from Apple)

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