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Salute to the man who first stepped on moon Featured

29 July 2014
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45 years ago in the same month of July dated 16th of 1969, astronauts commander Neil Armstrong, module pilot Michael Collins and lunar pilot Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. People around the world listened and watched to Neil as he set his foot on moon where he would see Earth far above him. There he said the golden words "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Apollo 8 and 10 returned back to earth from moon and at last Apollo 11 was launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida arrived in lunar orbit on July 19.

Aldrin poses on the Moon

Neil Armstrong was the first to land on the moon surface. He was soon accompanied by Buzz Aldrin. The two astronauts spent around 21 hours on the moon. They did experiments and also took many photos. They brought back around 46 pounds (20 kilograms) of moon sample rocks. The launch vehicle was a giant 363 -foot- high, 3,038,500-kg (6,698,700-pound) Saturn V vehicle. Aldrin photographed the print of his shoes as part of a study of the nature of the soil and its behavior. While on the moon, Armstrong and Aldrin created a the famous image as they erected the American flag. That wasn't as easy as it shows. The pole was easy to place in the first 5 to 6 inches of the soil easily but then after that it was hit with resistance. They left behind a board of 73 messages from all over the countries of the world, a patch from launch vehicle, medals of Russian cosmonauts and a symbol of eagle carrying an olive branch in its leg with earth far behind.

On July 24, Apollo 11 entered the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 36,194 feet (11,032 mt) per second. The vehicle landed on the Pacific Ocean around 12:51 p.m. Apollo 11 mission was the first to land on the moon, but it was not the last launch. There were six other launch till 1972. After the Apollo mission ended in 1979, NASA did not want to send any more astronauts to the moon but the scientists had a greater understanding of our moon. They determined the age of the moon to be about 4.5 billion years and came up with a theory for how it formed. The following is a tribute to the men and mission of Apollo 11 and to the courage of those who had the will to pursue the dream of space.

Three Great Astronauts

Experiment with Eagle

Aldrin bootprint

Astronaut Carrying the Moon Samples

Apollo 11 astronaut Erecting the Flag

Astronauts in their Biological Isolation Garments

Saturn V carrying Apollo 11

Astronauts in the Launch Vehicle

At the Apollo 11 CAPCOM

Examining the Launch

Landing on the Moon

People watching on Television

The Eagle in lunar orbit

Photograph of Eagle

The crew of Apollo 11 in quarantine

Commucation with Vehicle

Roll out of Saturn V

Saturn V on Launch pad

Parade in New York City

Columbia floats on the ocean

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