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Solar Street Concept For Future Public Spaces

10 November 2014
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The solar street concept is the winner of 2014 red dot design award designed by Nikola Knezevic. It is an energy saving product for public locations. with help of its 7.3 square meters of solar panels and movement sensors energy saving system (MOSESS) it produces illumination throughout the night. The whole system consists of street lamps, bus stops, ATM, internet service, information services and telephone booth with the power driven from the energy collected from the interconnected solar panels.

Solar Street Concept

Solar panel stores electric energy in batteries that are placed in the storage box. Solar street counters are independent from electric grid. They can be easily moved and placed in different locations by trucks (and small transportation wheels underneath the construction of the counter itself). Underground connection with each other and also with electric company enables sharing of leftover energy.

Solar Street Lamp

Solar Bus Stand

Solar Park Lamps

Bus Stop Without Glasses

Solar Phonebooth

Solar ATM

Solar Street Counter And NewsStand

Solar Network

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