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Tentsile - Floating Treehouse Tent Created by Alex Featured

04 August 2014
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A portable hanging tree tent called Tentsile has been created by a UK-based tree house architect, Alex Shirley-Smith. Alex along with his designer Kirk Kirchev has taken the camping to the next level.

Tentsile Suspended Tent

In order to avoid the inconvenience of fixing the tents in rocks and muddy areas, Alex designed the sleeping bags that hung between the trees. These hanging tents help get rid from creepy insects during sleep and also provides beautiful sightseeing over the trees.

Tentsile has separating sleepers, comfort of hammock with safety for multiperson capacity, can hold weights up to 820 lb. It has three anchor points and the floor straps divides the tree house into individual hammocks. This Tentsile has a provision of insect mesh proof, UV protection and waterproof. Other features include drink holders, luggage nets, tablet pouches and phone packets.

The tentsile comes in different range of size to suit different location and environmental condition. Product specification are as below:

Material: silicon coated nylon rip-stop fly sheet, PU coated textured nylon hammocks, mesh bed flooring, 35mm webbing strap skeleton, 30mm aluminum central pole, 6 x aluminum battens

Maximum load capacity: 400 kg

Set up time: about 20-30 mins


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