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Waiting For Increment ?

05 February 2009
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Waiting For Increment ?
Those who are working in IT field and corporate would have experienced this. On your joining, your boss would have promised that he will give good increment in next appraisal. But what happens in reality…

Story: The Giant Cruise Ship and the Old Man

25 March 2015
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The giant Cruise
The giant luxury cruise ship failed and the gigantic engines were not running. All the reserved tickets for the trips were cancelled. Tickets were refunded to the travelers. "Hundreds of thousands" dollars were lost daily.

Client Business Requirement Versus IT Delivery - Funny

22 March 2015
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Client Business Requirement Versus IT Delivery - Funny
Client: “Our next requirement, we require something BIG and BLACK, you know, we want an Elephant…” IT Team: But why don’t you adjust with a buffalo, even it is BIG…. and BLACK?”


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