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Ashleigh And Pudsey
Ashleigh and Pudsey, the dancing dog perform to the flinstones on britains got talent 2012.
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Amazing Bike Race on Hill
This an amazing video of bike race on a steep sand hill. Hats off to the bike racing champions
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Useful Everyday Dog Tricks
These Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse. Do you think your dog could do even 1/2 of these everyday, helpful household chores? Great training.
Mind Blowing Magic
This an amazing video of Fastest Clothes Change in Australia's Got Talent 2012. Auditions from quick change artists Soul Mystique.
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LED Bulb Powered with a Lemon
This video shows how LED Bulb is Powered with a Lemon. We have a step by step video guide which shows how to generate power from lemon and light a LED Bulb. This also works…

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