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Really Awesome Humans
Human beings are awesome. Each one have their own talent and some excel others. This video is such a compilation of amazing people for the year 2013.
Time Saving Trial Room
Try on the latest innovations from Cisco, and see how the changing room is really changing. Decision making becomes so easy, effortless and time saving. Hats off to this technology....
3D Concrete Printing
Concrete Printing Process developed at Loughborough University in the UK is capable of producing building components with a degree of customization that has not yet been seen. It could create a new era of architecture…
Best Car Garage
This has got to be the BEST Car Garage in the World! - From Hamilton Scotts, this is what the rich and famous get to enjoy. Can you imagine? Amazing Engineering!
Ashleigh And Pudsey
Ashleigh and Pudsey, the dancing dog perform to the flinstones on britains got talent 2012.
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Amazing Bike Race on Hill
This an amazing video of bike race on a steep sand hill. Hats off to the bike racing champions

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