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Amazing Skateboard Long Jump Video
This is an amazing video of a long jump skateboard. Great talent.
New Record Breaking Supersonic Space Jump
Felix Baumgartner jumped off the edge of the space, from 127,000 feet of altitude all the way back down to Earth, and breaking world records.
World Record 92 Foot Corkscrew Jump Video
Brent Fletcher and Team Green broke the world record by twisting out a 92 foot corkscrew jump at the Hot Wheels test facility.
Jordan Bottle Sand Art Video
Creating art in a bottle using just sand. Sand in a bottle is a fine art that involves the arrangement of colored sand in a glass (or plastic) bottle in order to create unique picture…
Amazing Three Year Old Ice Skating Video
This talented 3 year old kid participated in the ISI ice skating competition. Great job. Thumbs Up.

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