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Unmanned Stealth X-47B Aircraft
At Air Force Base in Edwards, California, a few days ago were carried out flight tests of a new unmanned aircraft. The flight lasted about half an hour and ended with the nominal landing at…
Most Amazing Happening - You Will Ever See
Some power was definitely with this guy as a truck overturned on top of his car.
Swiss Ball Surfing Record Attempt Video
This is Craig, the Corrective Exercise Coach. He is only 2 balls short of the world record.
Real life Tom And Jerry
Cat and rat has become friends and the rat acts like Jerry and plays with Tom. Check this real life amazing Tom and Jerry video.
Einstein - The Talented Bird
This bird has cool talent. HER name is Einstein and can talk almost like a human! This is just a little clip from Pet Star on animal planet. Check out.
Amazing Glass Musician - Video
Amazing Man playing music wine glass. He is very creative and plays music with a bunch of glass cups filled with water.

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