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Lift Floor Disappears - New LG Advertisment Featured

18 February 2013
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LG has come up with a new TV Advertisement to promote their product. This ad shows how people are tricked by making them believe that the lift floor has moved away beneath them. But, actually everything remains normal. Whether plunging out of control or stuck between floors, elevators feature high on most peoples potential disaster scenario lists, so Korean electronic corporation LG has definitely taken a gamble with its new television advertisement.

The advert allegedly shows LG technicians secretly installing hidden cameras and adding nine "lifelike" IPS display screens to the floor of a lift, then attempting to convince innocent passengers that the floor has given way. As the floor apparently collapses, passengers appear predictably shocked, then relieved as they safely exit the lift and realize they have been spoofed. Everyone likes a good prank, particularly at Halloween, but LG's attempt to trick people into thinking they're about to meet their die could perhaps be deemed a little commercially risky. And that's before commentators on the YouTube version cast a skeptical note over the veracity of the advert, suggesting that the clip may be faked, the floor actually a green screen and the passengers are actors.

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