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Have You Read The Story of Bottled Water?

16 April 2015
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What do you do when you are thirsty?

Do you fetch a glass of water from a tap or do you buy a bottled water to quench your thirst? Obviously most of us will buy a bottled water. What happened to us? Why is bottled water more preferred? Simple it is all about "Manufactured Demand". People were scared with advertisement campaigns which featured bad about tap water. Know about water before it is too late and I post a article titled "The world without water".

This is a go get baby kind of awakening video. Know more about, what exactly bottled water is. Lot of information which will make you open your mouth wide (ohhhhh my), so stay tuned and see the video.


Do You know?

  • Bottled water is preferred 2000 times more by the customer compared to tap water.
  • People consume half a billion bottle of water a week, which is enough to circle the earth 5 times.


Real Solutions:

Know about your local water supply and step in to turn the problem into solutions to safeguard the water. "Invest in public water infrastructure".

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