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18 Year Old Unusual Hulk Russian Muscular Barbie Featured

27 February 2015
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Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins, as she is known in the powerlifting communities holds three world powerlifting records, is a 18-year old Russian powerlifter who recently went viral in Internet fame with her doll-like face and impressive physique. Powerlifter Julia Vins' unusual blend of wide-eyed beauty and muscular physique has captured the attention of fans in her native Russia - attracting more than 23,000 Instagram followers.

Julia Vins

This Muscular Barbie can deadlift 400lb - the average weight of a male lion and says there's no limit to how muscly she would like to become. The young athlete from Engels, Russia, might have the face of a fragile porcelain doll, but her massive arm and leg muscles are enough to put most men to shame. In a recent interview , Yulia said she started working out to become stronger and build self-confidence, but had no intention of becoming a professional powerlifter.

In an attempt to find some meaning in her life, Julia began going to the gym at age 15. During the first year, she trained her muscles without following a clear workout program, but eventually decided she needed guidance. She was training at the school gym and met a coach who saw potential in her as a weightlifter. She started training at the gym with him for three to five hours, four times per week. Ms Vins entered the World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow and won the competition. She achieved three world records in the sum 440kg - these were 180kg (396lb) in the squat, 105kg (230lb) in bench press and 165kg (364lb) in the deadlift.


Height:5ft 3in

Weight:10st 21lb






The powerlifter eats five to six small meals per day, which consist of chicken, eggs, cheese, rice and vegetables. But she allows herself one cheat day per week. Although she has her share of admirers, Julia Vins admits there are those who criticize her choice and tell her she is ruining her body. Lately she has been trying to ignore such comments. She feels it’s her life, her body and she hates it when others try to impose their opinions on her. “There will always be people who respect my choice, or simply adequately explain why they don’t agree with it, but there is nothing to be gained by trying to defame someone who is following their dream,” the young athlete says.

Russian Muscular Barbie


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