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7 Charming Girls Who Looks Like Real Living Barbie Doll Featured

06 July 2015
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It was a time when girls would love to groom themselves like movie stars and singers. Now the trend is changing, there are girls who wished to be like a doll and they did succeed.

Few decades ago, an American firm named Mattel stenographer introduced images of Barbie dolls. After that the blonde with thin legs, blue eyes, and cute smile conquered the world. And she is till the best among the small girls. Barbie character has been mimicked as doctor, teacher, flight attendant, beauty parlor lady, Marilyn Monroe. But it is amazing to know that, recently girls have converted themselves into a barbie doll and they succeeded to look like a doll.

1. Dakota Rose

The real Barbie doll, she resembles Amanda Seyfried's alien doppelganger. When people first viewed the 19 Year old Dakota Rose in internet, they said it was an animated Barbie doll image. Dakota is very famous of her Barbie like face in Japan and China and girls imitate her cosplay. Dakota Rose says that she was never tired of imitating like Barbie.
Dakota Rose, barbie doll

2. Venus Palermo

Venus Palermo likes to be like a doll and the teenager who is from London has a YouTube channel for girls who wanted to be like her. And in this channel Venus helps girls and gives them tips how to make themself like a living doll.
Venus Palermo, living doll

3 . Lin Ke Tong

Chinese Model Lin Ke Tong, who dress like a school girl has an appearance like doll. Lin Ke Tong was born onin 20th Sep 1988. She has a huge popularity on internet.
Lin Ke Tong, looks like school girl

4. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao is a cosplayer model and actress from Philippines. She was born on 9th Mar, 1988 in Quezon City, Philippines. It is difficult to pronounce her name but she has a gorgeous appearance like a real doll. Alodia Almira has won many cosplay competitions held in Philippines.
Alodia Gosiengfiao, cosplayer model

5. Charlotte Hotman

Girls always like Barbie dolls from their childhood. Here a 24 years young Charlotte Hotman who was very much interested in collection of dolls and spent about £10,000 on plastic surgery to get an apperance of a doll.
Charlotte Hotman, plastic surgery doll

6. Jessica

Jessica is from a South Korean, Girls Generation group who has been recently compared as living doll. She is famous on the internet with a perfect picture which looks similar to a doll.
Jessica, South Korean Doll

7. Angélica Kenova, Russian Barbie

Internet world knows very little about Angélica Kenova, and she is usually known as Russian Barbie. Angelica is a model from Russia. She says "Her parents raised her like a princess and she was never allowed to date with boys or go out. Angelica says. And that resulted not to fit in real life but got fame as living doll.
Angélica Kenova, Russian Barbie

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