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Tamil Famous Actress Sneha - Ethnic Wear Featured

03 March 2009
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Do you Remember her? Queen of Beautiful Smile!

Sneha in black chudidhar

South Indian actress Sneha , was born in Mumbai and raised in Dubai. She is basically a young lady from Rajamundhry, Andhra Pradesh (India). Telugu being her mother tongue, she never had chance to learn it as she spent most of her childhood in Mumbai and Dubai . Yet she has good knowledge in many languages including Tamil, English, Malayalam and now a bit of Telugu too.

She was named Suhasini by her parents, father Rajaram Naidu and mom Padmavathy. This Angel set her foot on earth on 12 th October.

Being born in such an gifted family with two siblings and a sister, Sneha is an extremely frank and an educated young lady and never surrendered her high ethics. Sneha had a dream to get well known somehow and her keen effort made film offers knock her doors. Her dream worked out as expected.

Kajol and Sri Devi was her favorite actress. She is a Bharathanatyam dance expert and has performed in numerous culturals composed by the well known Choreographer Kala. Separated from moving her side interests incorporate perusing books and listening to music.

This Actress is the one of the few performers in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam motion pictures who refused to work on glam role, and opts the non glam part. But Sneha always shined in almost all movies she worked.

Actress Sneha in gorgeous blue chudidhar

Sneha in ethnic saree

Actor Sneha in yellow-violet halfsaree

Cute smile in yellow chudidar

South Indian actress gorgeous black saree

pretty smiling face

Sneha pose on cycle

Fashion of Blue Embroidered Saree

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